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Assistant Secretary's Profile

Mr. Charles Owusu-Antwi is a Senior Assistant Registrar at the School of Graduate Studies, KNUST, a position he has held since 2020. He holds a Masters degree in Business Administration (Human Resources Management) from KNUST, Diploma (Human Resource Management) from the Institute of Commercial Management (UK), and Bachelor of Art (Industrial Art) from KNUST. 

Before his current position as Senior Assistant Registrar, Mr. Owusu-Antwi had served the University in various capacities. He was a Senior Administrative Assistant at the Great Hall and later the Human Resource Division of the Registrar’s Office, KNUST between 2006 and 2013. He rose through the ranks to become a Principal Administrative Assistant at the Human Resource Division in the year 2013. In 2016, he became an Assistant Registrar in the Human Resource Development Division until his transfer to the School of Graduate Studies, KNUST where he serves as the Assistant Registrar/Assistant Secretary to the School. 

Mr. Owusu-Antwi has an enviable experience in university administration that stretches over fourteen years. He has since distinguished himself in the supervisory roles and executive functions he performs for the School of Graduate Studies. His rich experience in university administration and exceptional human relations have, over the years, earned him the rare opportunity to serve as secretary or member on several committees in KNUST. To say the least, Mr. Owusu-Antwi is professional, dedicated, reliable, result-oriented, and above all strives for excellence in all his endeavours, a quality which reflects his keen interest in automation of administrative tasks.

Above all, Mr. Owusu-Antwi is a religious person and brings his rich administrative experience to bear on the numerous religious leadership roles he undertakes within Kumasi and beyond.